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Jul. 30th, 2017 03:46 pm
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Player Information
Player Name Vector Contact [plurk.com profile] vectorspace | Vector#9496
AKA Previously Handsome Jack. muselist for Others
Character Basics
Character Name Rhys Series/Canon Tales from the Borderlands
Canon Point Post-Canon Game(s) [community profile] quietmounds
Canon Details Borderlands universe is far-future space capitalism + space western, depending on where you fall.
Character Details
Age ~28 Hair/Eyes Well-coiffed brown; one brown eye, one cybernetic gold eye
Height/Weight Tall and skinny; heavier than you'd expect, due to the metal arm (and ice cream) Notable Traits His right arm is made of metal—shiny chrome. He also has a port in his left temple and his left eye is cybernetic. He has visible tattoos on his neck & chest.
15 Second Summary Rhys always wanted to run a company, and Handsome Jack was his idol. Handsome Jack was also a psychopath, but, eh, Rhys never claimed to be a good guy. Then some stuff happened and he realigned his goals a little. He's still a corporate douchebag, though.
Quiet Mounds
Living apartment Working General Manager of LuXe
There Since Day 27 Starter Pack The Ruler.
Clothing A fancy suit.
Abilities & Permissions
Abilities He's doesn't have any supernatural abilities or... a lot of normal abilities. But he's good at hacking and inspirational speeches.
Permissions I'm probably up for anything, but let's keep in touch!
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